Core Markets


Our expansive construction project portfolio consists of quality construction in many industries.  From schools to hospitals, office buildings to auto dealerships, we build a diverse cross section of facilities.  Serving both the public and private markets, we construct state-of-the-art facilities that meet the technical and innovative needs of each sector.  Our diverse building experience allows us to assemble the most qualified team for your project, and our commitment to teamwork and communication

Acura of Fife

Acura of Fife night fixed

Greater Lake Mental Hospital

Greater Lakes Mental Health
greater lakes II

Honda of Fife

Honda exterior fixed

Jaguar of Fife

jaguar 2
jaguar interior
Jaguar Fife Interior Portico Jag

Mclendon's of Renton

mclendon brochure final

Pier 1

pier 1 breakroom
pier 1 close
Pier 1 Conference Room II

King County Journal Newspaper

King County Journal Newspaper

Renton Subaru Framing Project

renton Subaru framing2
Renton Subaru framing

Sauder Interiors

Sauder Interior
Sauder moldings

Steel Stud Framing

Steel Stud framing III
Steel Stud Framing II
Steel stud framing

Jaguar of Bellevue

Poe Jaguar
Poe Jaguar Interior
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